A robust, proven approach to
Leadership Development

Our services include tried-and-tested methods proven to help executives on their leadership journey. At Educe we:

  • Listen deeply to understand you and your organization’s needs
  • Design and deliver rigorous curricula, workshops, assessments, and trainings
  • Coach both individuals and teams
  • Consult on organizational and strategic questions

Executive Coaching for Individuals and Teams

We have a large team of professional executive coaches, trained and certified by the world’s most important coaching certification bodies, such as the ICF and EMMC.

CEO Counseling

Educe offers counseling services to CEO’s and senior leaders as they confront day-to-day challenges, weigh important decisions, and further refine their approach to leadership.

Leadership Workshop Design and Facilitation 

Educe designs innovative workshops. Our work is enhanced, not hindered, by technology. We make full use of emerging tools and media to design and deliver synergistic programs that fit busy professionals’ lives. We specialize in “blended learning”: virtual learning at a distance, punctuated by high-impact and rewarding in-person experiences.

Organizational and Strategy Consulting

With our large team of ex-McKinsey Consultants bringing a wealth and breadth of consulting experience, Educe is uniquely positioned to provide its partners with a strategic perspective, in addition to its Leadership Development capabilities. We are able to understand and assess your broader strategic and organizational needs, and consult with you to create bespoke solutions to address them.

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